Patient-Oriented Massage

Mermaid Massage takes great pride in being a trusted Licensed Massage Establishment of Chatham for so many years. There have been many exciting additions to the services offered over the years and eagerly invite you to view the rest of the website to see just how wide a variety is offered.

Mermaid Massage has a patient-oriented approach for the massage therapy sessions and tailor the therapies to your specific needs. An initial consultation is done to gather your expectations and assess your ailments, medical history and preferences. Then you will be given a range of different therapeutic options so you can decide which method you would like to try. And if you don’t know where to start we can organize short sessions with different therapies so you can pick which method suits you as an individual.

Call Mermaid Massage at (508) 292-1014 today to make an appointment for a consultation and a healing medical massage.

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Mermaid Massage is known for being a highly skilled medical massage treatment studio, expertly trained in many different areas of massage therapy. Some techniques are thousands of years old while others incorporate modern scientific knowledge to eliminate the aches and pains of daily life.

  • Have you been dealing with a crick in your neck which never really goes away?
  • Are you pregnant and looking for a natural way to relieve the stresses and strain that affect all expecting mothers?
  • Do you find yourself feeling anxious for reasons unknown and have tried a variety of methods to overcome it but to no avail?

Mermaid Massage is conveniently located and serves the entire Chatham area. The primary goal is to provide the best care possible for each patient seeking relief.

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Medical Massage -- A 100 minute Integrative Massage Treatment Therapy which includes deep tissue manual massage therapy, trigger point, healing arts and myofascial techniques. Laura has been in the medical field starting out her career as a Massachusetts licensed EMT (Emergency Medical Technician), also was certified in more training as a First Responder reporting to the scene of accidents and to the homes of medical emergencies. Before opening Mermaid Massage, Laura completed an accredited Physical Therapists' Asst. degree program. After completing the PTA program, Laura then completed the more intensive Massage Therapy program. She has worked at the Massage Therapy University's clinic, and several holistic spas in the Boston area

Mermaid Massage Medical Massage is a detailed massage treatment giving a full body massage with many techniques that are comforting and effective. Most reviews state Laura has an innate healing ability and uses her intuitive powers to relieve pain and effectively diminish muscular, fascial, ligament and tendon adhesions.

A medical massage repairs muscular, physical problems in the patient's body. There is an authenticity and maximum healing effort put forth from Laura via the medical massage. This medical massage treatment utilizing an integrative healing approach; supplements a person's entire well being.

$250 / 100 minutes

Swedish Living Young Massage – This Swedish massage is designed to help calm tense muscles, release the body's fascia, increase circulation and relieves stress by letting oxygen flow to the muscles, joints and all cells. Combines the power of touch with the healing benefits of Aromatherapy- specifically with Living Young Organic Essential Oils.   Based on your preference a custom blend of aromatic herbs, flowers and nature that will heal, nourish and entice the body and ease the mind.

60/90 min $120/$170

Mermaid Deep Tissue Massage – A multitude of specialized medical massage techniques are used to relieve muscle soreness, and wound up fascial adhesions. This massage addresses the deeper layers of fascia, tendons, ligaments, and muscles.  This therapy can coincide with your Physical Therapy treatments, or connective tissue disorders.

60/90 min $130/$180

Mermaid  Signature Massage Treatment --  Living Young Essential Oil's rosemary and peppermint essential oils or Lavender and lemon essential oils combine with avocado or coconut oil then applied to the body with effleurage, petrissage, and healing intention strokes.  Hot basalt and Cape Cod stones glide along the body and stop occasionally to melt the deeper muscles of the body. This massage treatment will revitalize and soothe your mind, body and soul.  Deeper techniques such as trigger point, myo-skeletal, and deeper myo-fascial techniques are utilized as well.  A facial "face-lift" massage finishes this treatment.

60/90 min $140/$190 

The Therapeutic Gift Massage – Living Young Essential Oils created "The Gift", which is a blend of seven ancient oils that have been sought after for centuries for their supposed calming and health supporting properties. Chronic pain patterns and an all over soreness are addressed for this treatment massage.  Arnica treatment gel is massaged onto the sorest of joints on the body, and the oil is infused into a base vegan organic cream.  A shiatsu loosely based pressure point massage is used and trigger points are held, unwinded and released.  Lengthy and moderately deep myo-fascial strokes loosen up and give relief throughout the body.

60/90 min $130/$180

Mermaid Facial Massage with foot Reflexology -- Starts with soothing hot towels on the upper back, neck and shoulders specifically designed to focus on releasing tension, stress and overworked muscles in those areas, followed by a relaxing neck and shoulder massage.  A stress relieving combination of lime and vanilla pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils are introduced onto various meridian lines on the body.  Copaiba and lavender are used to reduce mental rigidity and restore equilibrium and self actualization.  Powerful plant constituents, such as the cedrol found in cedarwood and the eugenol that occurs naturally in vanilla, induces relation and rids the body of nervous tension.

60 min. $130 

Mermaid's Little Treasure Prenatal/Postnatal Massage -- This prenatal and postnatal massage will help relieve back aches and relieve tension and tiredness.  Mom to be will get a chance to breathe and savor an important connection with her baby that will feel the effects as well.  After delivery, mother can relax and have some time to re-connect with her body, mind and spirit.

60/90 min $130/$180 

Chair Massage -- can be incorporated into your business or medical office where all of the staff can enjoy a wonderful 10 minutes chair massage routine.  This massage treatment is done fully clothed and will become quite a favorite employee benefit!  2 hours time at your office


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